Alabama Supreme Court Affirms Natural Marriage

The Alabama Supreme Court issued a ruling on March 3 to order probate judges to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses and to follow state law which defines marriage as between a man and a woman.

The Alabama Supreme Court has held that judges “are ordered to discontinue the issuance of marriage licenses to same-sex couples.”

Following are important quotes from the ruling:

  • “[M]arriage, as a union between one man and one woman, is the fundamental unit of society.”
  • “[M]arriage has always been between members of the opposite sex.  The obvious reason for this immutable characteristic is nature.  Men and women complement each other biologically and socially.”
  • “[O]ne legitimate interest behind the laws (among others) is recognizing and encouraging the ties between children and their biological parents.”
  • “Government is concerned with public effects, not private wishes.  The new definition of marriage centers on the private concerns of adults, while the traditional definition focuses on the benefits to society from the special relationship that exists between a man and a woman, i.e., the effects for care of children, the control of passions, the division of wealth in society, and so on.”
  • “[I]f love was the sine qua non of marriage, then polygamy also would be constitutionally protected . . . .”

“[W]hat ultimately is at issue is the entire edifice of family law . . . an edifice that has existed in some form since before the United States was even a country. . . . It is no small thing to wipe away this edifice with a wave of the judicial wand.”

Fast and Pray for the Sanctity of Marriage

Intercessors for America invites people across the country to join in recognizing the Sanctity of Marriage with days of fasting and prayer during the week of April 13-17. This time period is strategically prior to the U.S. Supreme Court’s schedule to hear oral arguments during the last week in April prior to a monumental ruling on same-sex marriage that will affect the entire country.

Read more information about the week of prayer for the Sanctity of Marriage at Intercessors for America.