Why one Baptist Pastor is totally wrong about Kim Davis

Pastor Russell Wilson, a pastor of a Southern Baptist church posted the following on Facebook regarding Kim Davis.

Since I am a pastor of a southern Baptist church please allow me to weigh in on the case of Kim Davis, the lady in Kentucky who refuses to issue a marriage licenses to a same sex couple.

First: This is not a case of the government forcing anyone to violate their religious belief. She is free to quit her job. If she quits her job to honor God surely God would take care of her.

Second: This is not a case of someone trying to uphold the sanctity of marriage. If she wanted to uphold the sanctity of marriage she should not have been married four different times. If she is worried about her name being affixed to a marriage license that goes against a biblical definition of marriage, she should not have her name on the last three marriage licenses given to her.

Third: This seems to be a case of someone looking to cash in on the religious right. Churches all across the south will throw money at her to come and tell congregations how the evil American government put her in jail because of her faith in Jesus.

This is why we are losing.
This is why people have such disdain for evangelicals.
Not because we disagree but because we don’t take the bible seriously. If ever there was a case of “he who is without sin cast the first stone”, this is it. If ever there was a “take the log out of your eye” moment, this is it.

We must stop looking to the government to make America a Christian utopia. Our kingdom is not of this world.
We must abandon all thoughts of fixing others and let Jesus fix us.
If we want sanctity of marriage then stop cheating, stop having affairs, stop looking at porn, stop getting divorces. That is the way for the church to stand up for the biblical definition of marriage, not by someone martyring their self-righteous self.

All three points are wrong although point one is partially right but not because the pastor understood in any way about what he was saying.

1. By virtue of her holding the office of county clerk, Kim Davis is ordained by God to punish evil and be a terror to evil-doers as stated in Romans 13. She was fulfilling this by refusing to grant fictional marriage licenses to sodomites until she abdicated her responsibility by asking for an exemption based on her “religious liberty.”

2. Her own marital past is irrelevant. To attack her is to engage in ad hominem which is a logical fallacy. Should she endorse evil because she has sinned in the past? The apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 that some of the Christians to whom he was writing used to be adulterers and sodomites but that Christ had washed, sanctified, and declared them righteous. As a Christian, Kim Davis stands before God in Christ’s perfect righteousness. According to Hebrews 10:17 God no longer remembers her sins and lawlessness. This Baptist pastor has made a fundamental mistake regarding the gospel by accusing Kim Davis of her past sins.

3. There has been no evidence presented that she did this for personal gain. If anything, the charlatans of the religious right establishment have been using her for their own personal gain.

We are losing this battle because of the widespread belief among Christians in “religious liberty” which is religious pluralism which is contrary to the 1st commandment. The correct response to this situation was to exercise the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. She was doing so until she abdicated her authority. There were also several officials from the sheriff all the way up to the governor who could have interposed themselves in order to prevent the federal judge from carrying out his tyrannical orders and forcing the acceptance and sanctioning of sodomy.

Please read about the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates. http://lessermagistrate.com

It is also important to note that the standard by which rulers are to punish evil and be a terror to evil-doers is the righteous law of God and not any standard of man. Every person knows that God exists and is accountable to God for that knowledge. Sodomites hate Kim Davis because she was reminding them of their sin and their knowledge that the true God does exist. All unbelievers despite knowing that God exists do everything they can to suppress that truth in unrighteousness. Paul explained in Romans 1 that God will give those that continue to suppress knowledge of Him over to a reprobate mind.

Change your mind and believe the good news today! Christ offers forgiveness to all who trust in Him for salvation.

Sodomite marriage is not wrong because it infringes on religious liberty

Sodomite marriage is NOT wrong because it infringes on any particular person’s so-called “religious liberty” — it is wrong because it is a violation of God’s Law. He classifies this particular conduct as both sinful AND criminal while commanding civil authorities to enforce His classification on such conduct.

The pantheistic approach advocated by most professing Christians in this country – particularly leaders, is: (1) a treasonous violation of the First Commandment in that the form of law one advocates for IS a recognition of Sovereignty; (2) a rejection of God’s Law for the statutes of Omri (humanism – Micah 6:16); (3) a refusal to provide justice to either side of the issue because “justice is sent away backward”; and (4) is precisely the approach, as one gentleman properly noted, which has kept abortion “legal” in this country long enough for at least 55 million deaths not counting what has been exported.

It was God’s Law as the legal and social framework, though not perfectly developed, which allowed freedom the room and opportunity to grow in our early history. What we are trying to pursue is the fruit of that faith without the root of that faith. Professing believers love, absolute love, making themselves victims instead of being victors as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. When Christians adopt any way other than God’s Law, we deprive the world of salt, light, and any genuine opportunity of freedom they may have.