Sodomite marriage is not wrong because it infringes on religious liberty

Sodomite marriage is NOT wrong because it infringes on any particular person’s so-called “religious liberty” — it is wrong because it is a violation of God’s Law. He classifies this particular conduct as both sinful AND criminal while commanding civil authorities to enforce His classification on such conduct.

The pantheistic approach advocated by most professing Christians in this country – particularly leaders, is: (1) a treasonous violation of the First Commandment in that the form of law one advocates for IS a recognition of Sovereignty; (2) a rejection of God’s Law for the statutes of Omri (humanism – Micah 6:16); (3) a refusal to provide justice to either side of the issue because “justice is sent away backward”; and (4) is precisely the approach, as one gentleman properly noted, which has kept abortion “legal” in this country long enough for at least 55 million deaths not counting what has been exported.

It was God’s Law as the legal and social framework, though not perfectly developed, which allowed freedom the room and opportunity to grow in our early history. What we are trying to pursue is the fruit of that faith without the root of that faith. Professing believers love, absolute love, making themselves victims instead of being victors as good soldiers of Jesus Christ. When Christians adopt any way other than God’s Law, we deprive the world of salt, light, and any genuine opportunity of freedom they may have.

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