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Vote "Yes" on the Arizona Marriage Amendment

Gay Marriage Amendment - Arizona

Voters in Arizona will be voting on an amendment to fully protect traditional marriage, and to keep out gay marriage.

Text of Proposition 107, a proposed amendment to the Arizona state constitution:

To preserve and protect marriage in this state, only a union between one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage by this state or its political subdivisions and no legal status for unmarried persons shall be created or recognized by this state or its political subdivisions that is similar to that of marriage.

What is Prop 107?

Sometimes referred to as the Protect Marriage Amendment, AZ Proposition 107 is designed to preserve existing marriage laws in Arizona by defining marriage in the Arizona state constitution. Voters will decide the issue in the November 7, 2006 elections.

What does the text mean?

Proposition 107 has two parts: the "union between one man and one woman" clause clearly means that a marriage is a union between only two people who are of the opposite sex.

The second section, which says there can be no "legal status. . . similar to that of marriage", means that there cannot be any other legal unions that are like marriage, such as civil unions. Arizona does not currently recognize any legal unions that are similar to marriage.

Why is it necessary to protect marriage?

Marriage is the fundamental unit of any society. A strong society cannot be maintained if its family units are weak.

Citing social science research, proponents argue that children raised by a married mother and father tend to do better in school, have fewer emotional or psychological problems, are less likely to live in poverty, and are less likely to be involved in crime. Proponents say that only by reinforcing the idea that children need both mom and a dad can we expect to have a healthy society.

Why is Prop 107 necessary?

For several years, groups such as the ACLU have been seeking to fundamentally redefine marriage. These groups have relied primarily on undemocratic means to accomplish their objective.

In 2003 the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, without the consent of citizens or their elected representatives, mandated that the marriage laws in that state be fundamentally redefined. The legislature responded by creating civil unions, a legal status similar to marriage. Unsatisfied with this outcome, the court reaffirmed its position that marriage itself had to change, and that merely creating a legal status similar to marriage was not adequate. This situation would have been avoided if marriage had been defined in the Massachusetts constitution.

Proponents of Proposition 107 say that defining marriage in the Arizona constitution is necessary to prevent a repeat of what happened in Massachusetts. State courts cannot overturn a constitutional amendment.

How will Prop 107 change things in Arizona?

Proposition 107 will create very few, if any, changes in Arizona. State laws currently define marriage as a union between one man and one woman (the first part of the proposition), and Arizona does not recognize any other legal status that is similar to marriage (the second part of the proposition).

If Prop 107 does not change things, why is there such vocal opposition?

Constitutional amendments are difficult to undo. Opponents understand that if marriage is defined in the state constitution, the only way to redefine it is to either go through the process of amending the constitution or to sue Arizona in federal court and hope to find a set of judges that are sympathetic to their views. Both routes take a lot of time, effort, and money.

A yes vote will preserve traditional marriage and will be a vote against gay marriage.

Vote YES for Marriage needs YOU!

Pastors and churches are making a difference in marriage initiatives and political campaigns. Gearing up for midterm elections, with primary races set to begin next week, pastors and churches are mobilizing for the fall elections. Pastors should openly support the Arizona Marriage Amendment. Florida Governor Candidates, Arizona Senate Candidates, Arizona Governor Candidates ,

While churches may not endorse or oppose candidates for elective office, they may register voters by setting up voter registration booths or by distributing motor-voter registration forms. They may conduct "get out the vote" campaigns to encourage voting. Pastors may preach about biblical and moral values, and may take specific positions on such issues that have become, or should become, part of the political debate. Churches may distribute objective voter guides which address a broad range of issues. Churches may also host forums where the candidates are invited to present and defend their positions.

The Family Research Institute of Wisconsin (FRI-WI) was founded in 1986 to forward Judeo-Christian principles and values in Wisconsin and to serve as an information source for the general public, churches and policymakers of our state. Our perspective is drawn from the wisdom of Scripture and reflects what we believe to be the intent of the Creator. Through these efforts, our hope is that more and more citizens of Wisconsin will become salt and light in their communities and in this state and will join with us in preserving and strengthening marriage and family, life and liberty by making a difference in our culture and our government.

Traditional Marriage bumpersticker

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Bible Verses on Gay Marriage for Arizona

Leviticus 20:13

If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Deuteronomy 23:17-18

There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.

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These History Lessons are brought to you by Same Sex Marriage

January 18, 1562:
The counter-reformation Council of Trent reconvenes after a 10-year break caused by the revolt of Protestant princes against Emperor Charles V. During the break, all hope of reconciliation between Catholics and Protestants had vanished.

January 18, 1815:
Konstantin von Tischendorf, the biblical critic known for discovering and deciphering the "Codex Sinaiticus" (a fifth-century manuscript of Paul's epistles), is born in Germany.

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